Aftercare Services

Jewellery Services

No matter how carefully we treat our most cherished items, natural wear and tear is a part of life – and that goes for our jewellery too. Especially for well-loved and often worn pieces.

Our aftercare team is on hand to offer expert advice on how to repair and restore your jewellery. We understand that no matter their age, certain pieces will always be as special as the day you got them and our aim is to help restore them back to their former glory.

That’s why here at Lunn’s the Jewellers we offer aftercare services that are second to none and ensure that your jewellery will always sparkle as it did at the start.

Find out which of our services your jewellery would benefit from below. 

Polishing and Cleaning

Ring Resizing

One-of-a-Kind Jewellery

Pearl Restringing

Claw Retipping

Rhodium Plating