The Fifth 'C'

The Diamond Certificate

Often, people refer to a 5th C - a diamond certificate. With your Portfolio of Fine Diamonds purchase, you will receive your diamond’s official certificate and the essential documents for insurance purposes.

We proudly present our diamonds alongside their certificates from independent, internationally recognised laboratories, such as GIA or IGI.  We believe that this allows you to purchase with the utmost confidence. 

It’s important to keep your certificate in a safe place. Should you ever decide to upgrade your ring, or wish to trade in a diamond, most jewellers will require a copy of the stone’s official certification.

Your Diamond's Official Certificate

Our Portfolio of Fine Diamonds are graded according to the universally accepted 4Cs of Diamonds.

Colour - Generally, the clearer the diamond, the higher its value as the most desirable diamonds are colourless. Though, this is not the only element to impact the stone’s value.

Cut - The precision of each cut determines how well the diamond reflects the light and, therefore, how well it sparkles.

Clarity - Most diamonds have their own unique fingerprints, these are produced during formation and appear as inclusions. The rarest diamonds have no inclusions and are graded as flawless.

Carat - Diamond carat refers to the stone’s weight, which is a factor in (but does not determine) its size. 

If you’re not sure about your diamond or have perhaps inherited an heirloom, we offer a valuation service for any jewellery purchased from Lunn’s. You can find out more about our valuation service and obtaining updated documents for insurance by clicking the button below.

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