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Each and every diamond in the Portfolio of Fine Diamonds collection is unique. Our diamonds are hand-picked by our team of experienced buyers, gemmologists and registered valuers.

Portfolio of Fine Diamond's rings are accompanied by their own diamond certificate. Each certificate, also referred to as an Independent Grading Report, comes from one of the world’s leading Grading Laboratories. This means that you can purchase your dream diamond with the utmost confidence.

The certificates for all of our Portfolio of Fine Diamonds rings are graded according to the ‘4 Cs of diamonds’. These famous C's refer to the diamond's cut, clarity, colour and carat.

Certificated stones are desirable as a means to confirm authenticity and traceability. The certificate has become such a staple feature of diamond buying that many people refer to the diamond certificate as the 'Fifth C'.

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Quality & Value

Our Portfolio diamonds are sourced from the world’s top Diamond Grading Centres. All of our diamonds are hand selected, not only for their beauty and their quality but also according to their traceability. We are proud to stock only ethically sourced stones.

One of our founding values here at Lunn’s the Jewellers was to provide the best diamonds, at the best value alongside the best customer experience. We achieve this through diligent training, skilful resourcing and intricate attention to detail.

Diamonds in our Portfolio of Fine Diamonds collection are certificated by one of the world's leading diamond laboratories, including GIA, IGI, HRD or Anchorcert. Our expertly trained sales professionals are industry-accredited and benefit from a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for our Portfolio brand. We offer low-cost finance options across our diamond creations to help spread the cost of that special purchase.

Attention to Detail

Our Portfolio of Fine Diamonds rings are hand finished by our meticulous Master Craftsmen. Each ring is set by hand with a mount which has been specifically tailored to suit each individual stone. After the stone is set, rings are hand polished to achieve a mirror finish and prevent the build-up of daily dust and debris - this means that your ring will keep its shine for longer.

Portfolio of Fine Diamonds rings are engraved with our brand logo as a mark of authenticity. Most of our rings can also be engraved at your request. Having dates or initials engraved inside your wedding rings is a wonderful way to add an extra sentimental touch to your choice.

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Need some Guidance?

If you would like to enjoy our full Portfolio of Fine Diamonds experience, we invite you to visit our luxury showrooms. A warm welcome awaits you where you can meet with our experienced diamond specialists and discuss the range of variables to consider when making such a special purchase.

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Our Wed Set Rings

Made to Go Together

Most of our diamond rings are ‘wed set’, this means that they have been designed to fit perfectly with your wedding band. When purchasing your wedding ring with us, our sales professionals will be able to guide and advise you on how to select the perfect fit wedding band, particularly if your engagement ring does not happen to be wed set.

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