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Watch Valuations

As an official retailer of world-renowned brands, Lunn's the Jewellers are proud to hold an extensive collection of quality pre-owned Swiss timepieces. We are lucky to avail of a wealth of experience in the luxury market which allows us to keep our collection carefully curated. Each timepiece is considered with meticulous detail before we offer a valuation.

Trading in or selling your watch with Lunn's the Jewellers could not be easier. The simplest way to obtain a valuation for your timepiece is to fill in the application form below.

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When completing our Watch Valuation Form, we ask that you provide as much detail as possible. The more precise and accurate information that you can provide us with, the more accurate your quote will return from our watch experts.

One of our skilled evaluators will always review the condition of your watch and validate its authenticity before providing you with a trade-in or purchase price.

Cartier Pasha
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Valuation Service

At Lunn's the Jewellers, we can perform valuations on any items historically purchased from Lunn's. Whether your valuation is to update insurance documents or simply for your own curiosity, it is our pleasure to assist you uncover their true value.

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