Certified Watchmakers

Steam Cleaning

Protecting your watch by keeping it clean, and dry if it’s not water resistant, is very important to make sure your watch remains in excellent working order. As for the external appearance of your watch, our cleaning and valeting services will ensure that your timepiece looks just as immaculate as the day you got it.

In some instances of very heavy wear, it is impossible to remove deep marks. Our aftercare team will advise you upon inspection of the watch. Steam cleans are carried out in-house by our certified watchmakers who will do their best to restore your watch to its best possible condition.

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During a steam clean
  • The watch bracelet is removed from the case.
  • The parts are thoroughly cleaned.
  • The bracelet is ultrasonically cleaned, and steam cleaned with a pressurised water system before drying.
  • The bracelet is re-attached to the case and checked to guarantee future security.