Find your Perfect Fit

Watch Size Guide

When it comes to choosing the perfect watch, knowing which size will complement your wrist can be tricky. That’s why we created the Lunn's Watch Sizing Guide.

What's more, even when purchasing a watch with a metal bracelet from, we can ensure that your watch fits first time - just let us know your wrist measurement and we’ll make the necessary adjustments free of charge.

The Perfect Fit

To measure your wrist, use a piece of string or a strip of paper (or a measuring tape if you have one!)

Step 1. Wrap this around your wrist, just like a bracelet.
Step 2. Get the string or paper to meet where you feel you would like to wear your watch. Some prefer their watch to be a tight fit, while others prefer a slightly looser fit.
Step 3. Mark the point where the string or paper matches comfortably for you and measure this distance.

Watch Size
lunns watch sizer

You can simply click the image below and select ‘print’. Make sure that the image is scaled to 100% on 2 pages of A4 paper. To check the image has been printed correctly, measure the 3cm or 5cm line indicated at the outer edges.

Then, simply cut out the watch you wish to ‘try on’ and place the cut out on your wrist to determine which size looks best.


Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to confirm and arrange delivery. At this point, we will ask you to specify any adjustments or to tell us your wrist measurement (in mm if possible), and our in-house watchmakers will make the necessary adjustments before dispatch.

Any links that have been removed from your watch will be sent to you along with your purchase. We always recommend holding onto any spare links, so you will have them should the need ever arise.

All watch bracelets are sized as standard, so in some cases, additional links may be required. On occasion, this may incur an additional cost as extra links must be sourced from the manufacturer. This process may cause a delay in your adjustment.

In exceptional circumstances, your watch itself may have to be sent to the manufacturer. Lunn’s will always contact you before proceeding with any arrangements that would impact the cost or delivery time of any item.
We will always try to ensure the best fit for your watch according to the information provided to us. Very occasionally, further adjustments may be requested subject to the customer’s personal preference. Unfortunately, as the initial sizing process is a free service, Lunn’s cannot provide any compensation for additional costs associated with further adjustments requested for your watch.

All watches adjusted by our professional watchmakers at Lunn’s are eligible for return according to the terms laid out in our Returns Policy.