Annamaria Cammilli

Annamaria Cammilli is a Florence-based jewellery brand founded in 1983 by the homonymous painter and sculptor, an artist deeply influenced by the creative atmosphere pervading the city in which she lives, Cradle of Renaissance.

The Maison stands out on the international scene for the extraordinary three-dimensionality of it's creations, modeled in wax by skilled hands and then brought to life thanks to the ancient lost wax casting technique. The Unique design is enhanced by the special finish characterised by the alternation of velvety and shiny effects, and by the eight exclusive nuances of 18ct gold resulting from years of continuous research. The passion of the Italian expert goldsmiths who skillfully handcraft Cammilli creations every day becomes tangible in every single detail.

Jewels with a story to be told, recognisable without reading the label.