Watch Servicing

Our watchmakers are skilled in the sophisticated process of watch servicing and have received accreditation from the prestigious brands that we sell.

Each service is carried out according to the unique stipulations set by these individual brands. Every detail, right down to the equipment used by our watchmakers is approved and recommended by our brand partners.

In certain cases, where we do not have the resources to service particular models in-house, the watch is returned directly to the manufacturer for service. Most manufacturers recommend that your watch undergoes full servicing at regular intervals, with every 5-7 years being the optimum timeframe. webp to jpg
During a Full Service:
  • The bracelet or strap is removed and the case is dismantled
  • The case is ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled with a new water-resistant seal
  • A case and bracelet refurbishment is carried out (if applicable under the manufacturer criteria)
  • The movement (including the hands and the dial) is dismantled completely
  • The parts are thoroughly cleaned
  • Any worn or defective movement components are replaced or repaired before being reassembled
  • A functional check is performed, including precision and power reserve checks, according to the movement calibre and brand recommendations. This is carried out with a state-of-the-art diagnostic machine
  • The watch undergoes water-resistance testing
  • A final check of accuracy and the power reserve is undertaken over several days

For pricing and availability, please contact our Aftercare Department.