Pre-owned Watches

Extensive diagnostic testing to ensure optimum reliability


Each timepiece that finds its way to our showroom is unique; not only as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship it embodies, but in the stories that it carries.

Here at Lunn’s, we appreciate that a watch does not simply ‘tell the time’. It tells so much more than that; it tells of an achievement, of a life event, of a family heirloom, of a special gift. Many of our pre-owned timepieces have been previously loved by watch afficionados whose passion for their mechanism and design has ensured that they have been, not only cherished, but well maintained during their lifetime.

Where possible, pre-owned timepieces are accompanied by their original box and guarantee along with a new two-year warranty, guaranteed by Lunn’s.

Restored to Perfection

Luxury Brands

Second-hand and vintage watches make for excellent investments and can be a great way to start off your collection. Our finance options are available to assist you in the purchase of any of our pre-owned watches.

Sell Your Watch

Whether it’s time for an upgrade, an inheritance not quite to your taste or perhaps you just fancy a change, we can help you to trade in or sell your old luxury timepiece here at Lunn’s the Jewellers.

Fill out our Watch Valuation form and one of our team will be in contact with you to guide you through the process and offer you the best advice on how to sell or trade in your timepiece.

Optimum Reliability

Diagnostic Testing

At Lunn’s, we ensure that all pre-owned watches undergo extensive diagnostic testing to ensure optimum reliability. All models are fully serviced, either by our highly skilled in-house watch makers or by the brand themselves in their dedicated service centres.