Lunn's the Jeweller has an active approach to corporate social responsibility,
reflecting how we wish to operate: fairly, responsibly, and sustainably.

Our approach endeavours to acknowledge the responsibility we have towards
our colleagues, our planet and the communities which surround us.

Our CSR policy reflects our duty in each of these areas.


We are proud to be a family business, with family values. This means that people sit right at the heart of our business. Every member of our diverse teams' rights, needs and unique contributions are respected and valued. In return, we expect our colleagues to contribute to our company culture by embodying our common values and providing our clients with a world-class experience.

Our colleagues play an integral part in ensuring the continued success of our business. Therefore, we are committed to providing an open and dynamic workplace, ensuring that our teams are equipped with the most comprehensive tools to develop their full potential. This drive for development applies to both colleagues in our offices, as well as those in store, who are all equally important in providing our clients with a truly unrivalled experience.


Product knowledge and client support skills are critical to our business and essential to the success of our colleagues. We are pleased to offer a range of training programmes and development initiatives, working closely with our brand partners to ensure that all of our colleagues are true experts in their field.

We recognise the importance of having highly-skilled and impeccably trained professionals within the company, which is why we implement continuous training and education across the business. We actively encourage our colleagues to take every opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge across the industry and the brands we work with. Every effort is made to host brand ‘refresher’ events and keep our in-house knowledge abreast with market and industry trends, changes and developments.


In 2022, we launched the ‘Great Place to Work’ initiative. This included our first company-wide engagement survey.

As a result of this survey, the ‘Colleague Voice Group’ was founded and the forum is set to meet on a monthly basis to share insights, highlight any concerns and discuss ideas for further development.

The ‘Colleague Voice Group’ provides a platform for representatives from each department to come together and work towards creating an optimised company culture. This will be achieved by collectively nominating and selecting charity partners for fundraising events, organising company-wide team-building experiences and addressing any areas for improvement revealed by the ‘Great Place to Work’ survey.


Each week, our internal newsletter, ‘Shine’, provides another platform for colleague engagement.

‘Shine’ is key in keeping our colleagues up to date on company news, new product releases, and special promotions, as well as recognising positive customer feedback and celebrating achievements across the whole team.

Colleague milestones, personal successes, internal promotions and training accolades are all recognised in ‘Shine’, which in turn contributes to the overall sense of camaraderie built across our teams. Individuals are encouraged to share their exciting experiences, charitable endeavours and expressions of appreciation to any colleagues who have gone above and beyond in their role.


Lunn’s the Jeweller implement an Equal Opportunities policy; we believe we have a duty to be an inclusive employer and encourage diversity within our workforce. Our recruitment process allows everyone to have fair and equal access to employment opportunities.

Any acts of discrimination are dealt with in accordance with our internal policies.


We are committed to only partnering with brands and manufacturers who focus on producing a quality product in a responsible way. Many of the brands and manufacturers we already work with are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

Once products reach us, we promise to implement strict quality control measures in-store, ensuring that each piece is of excellent quality and capable of exceeding our customers' expectations. Our products will always be priced fairly, and competitively in correspondence with the quality of the product that we provide.

Our diamonds are sourced through companies adhering to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. We adhere strictly to this policy and only deal with trade suppliers of diamonds that comply with this scheme.

Further detailed information on the Kimberley Process is available at


We strive to conduct our business in a responsible, sustainable manner in order to protect the environment. Our environmental pledge highlights our commitment to improving our environmental impact and promises to continue evolving our strategies in line with our growing business.

As an organisation, we comply with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and all legal duties and obligations imposed by other Environmental Acts and Regulations.

Over recent years we have introduced several initiatives to increase the focus on the sustainability of our business. We will continue to move towards a more structured, systematic, transparent, and measurable environmental programme in future, with the goal of reducing our environmental impact and focusing on implementing innovative solutions to protect and preserve our planet.


We endeavour to support the communities in which we live and serve in a variety of ways. The framework for our fundraising and volunteering activities is formed with our colleagues' input at the core. We will be utilising the ‘Colleague Voice Group’ to ensure that we engage with and support both the charities and local initiatives which mean the most to our people.

In the past, we have partnered with the Prince’s Trust, the Welcome Organisation and the SOS bus to mention a few.


We will continue to improve by:

  • Continuing annually with our  ‘Great Place to Work’ surveys, capturing the data that they reveal and utilising these results to set targets for improvement;
  • Implementing clear, simple and achievable initiatives to increase colleague engagement;
  • Raising awareness of our collective targets and achievements across our colleagues;
  • Continuing to work closely with our existing vendors to ensure that our Company Values are upheld across our supply chain;
  • Ensuring that our products continue to be sourced from vendors that meet high ethical standards with a focus on sustainability and transparency;
  • Collaborating with other local brands and organisations to deliver sustainable long-term goals which can positively impact our communities;
  • Maintain integrity and honesty as the founding principles of our CSR policies.