A Trusted Valuation Service


At Lunn’s the Jewellers, we know that the sentimental value of jewellery can far outweigh its monetary value, however, it is important to have up-to-date valuations of your collection for insurance purposes.

We offer a trusted valuation service to match the level of service which we encompass in all parts of our business. Your jewellery will be examined and tested and a report prepared for you, for your insurance company or for any other purpose.

Reliable Advice

Reliable advice from industry professionals

Duty of Care

Careful treatment of your cherished items

Accredited Valuers

Brand-accredited valuation service

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safeguard your treasures

Maintaining your Jewellery

Having adequate insurance for your collection is just as important as properly caring for and maintaining your jewellery. Aftercare is essential to preserve any jewel's beauty, longevity, and sentimental value.

Aftercare at Lunn's the Jewellers

Why value your jewellery or watch?

Individual items can be worth thousands of pounds. On most home content insurance policies, you can be limited on the amount of ‘high ticket items’ you can include in a general policy.

Rare or one-off pieces of jewellery or watches can easily take you over this limit and so, they will require a separate insurance policy. For this, you need an accurate, recognised appraisal and valuation of the item to ensure you are covered for its true worth.

Unfortunately, we cannot carry out valuations on items not purchased from Lunn’s. This is due to the implications of insuring high-value items when we send them to our trusted third-party valuers.

When an item is purchased from us, all of its original documentation and any certifications will come along with it; however, due to fluctuating market conditions and rising metal costs, even relatively recent valuations, carried out within the last few years, may quickly become inadequate and outdated.

For items purchased from Lunn's within the last ten years, we offer an updated document for insurance policies as is often requested. For items which have been purchased from Lunn’s over 10 years ago, we book these pieces in and have them sent for an official assessment. This will provide a credible valuation which can then be used to update any necessary documents or insurance companies. This process can take up to several weeks to be completed as this service is not carried out in-house.

The cost for this valuation service is £90 per item, and £50 per item thereafter.