Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating is suitable for most white gold items. In order to ensure white gold items maintain their lustrous white surface, it is standard practice in the jewellery industry to plate these items in rhodium. White gold is created by combining yellow gold with other precious white metals (such as palladium) to create an alloy, the piece is then plated with rhodium to ensure a crisp white finish.

Over time and particularly with everyday wear and tear, rhodium plate will wear. To keep items looking pristine, we recommend that white gold pieces are re-plated every 12 - 18 months. For daily wear items, this process may need to be done more frequently.

What Happens During Rhodium Plating?
  • Your jewellery will be returned to the manufacturer or a specialist workshop.
  • The rhodium plating is removed in its entirety. This will ensure an even surface for the new plating.
  • The item is re-plated.
  • The finished item is cleaned and refurbished.

Prices for rhodium plating start from £80 and timescales start from 4 weeks.

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