Claw Retipping

The importance of securing stone set items should not be underestimated. Remember that the claws keep the gemstone in place. Regular inspection and maintenance of your jewellery can save you the large sum of replacing a lost diamond, not to mention the impossible task of replacing an heirloom.It is necessary from time to time to rebuild the claws on any stone set items. Unavoidably, claws will wear, this is particularly common on often worn and well-loved rings. This is because rings take more bumps and knocks than most jewellery pieces. Once claws have worn significantly, the security of the stone can be compromised. 

What Happens During Retipping?

Retipping is the process of building up the claws on your piece of jewellery to secure the stones and improve the overall look of the ring. Our aftercare team will inspect items and advise if retipping is necessary.

Pieces will be sent to our specialist workshop where a goldsmith will replace the top section of each claw.The item will then be cleaned and refurbished.

If the item is made from white gold, it will be rhodium plated.The price of retipping is directly proportional to the number of claws that require attention. 

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