Lunn's and Rolex

Our History

Lunn's have been Northern Ireland's luxury jeweller and fine watch specialist since they first opened their doors as a family business in 1954.

Lunn's is now run by the third generation of the family. Despite the passing of the years, our founding principles are as relevant today as they were 70 years ago. Beauty, craftsmanship, exceptional quality, knowledge and the very best client experience are the beliefs on which Lunn's rests.


Lunn's have a strong and enduring partnership with Rolex. We have been part of the Official Rolex network in Northern Ireland for five decades.

With a Rolex-Accredited Watchmaker at Queen's Arcade, Rolex customers can maintain the value and ensure the quality of their watches by having them serviced by our skilled watchmakers onsite.


Lunn's are proud to have two locations for Rolex in Belfast city centre at Queen's Arcade and at Victoria Square.

In 2019, Lunn's opened a dedicated Rolex showroom at Queen's Arcade, Belfast. Here, clients can immerse themselves in the world of Rolex in a luxurious setting, with the unparalleled guidance of our Rolex watch specialists.

Visit us at our Rolex showroom at Queen's Arcade or our Victoria Square store where a warm welcome awaits you.To find out more about our range of Rolex watches or the services we offer, please contact us here