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Celebrate Earth Day with FOPE Jewellery

FOPE's products and internal processes have always been inspired by the highest ethics. The idea of entrepreneurial responsibility represents a fundamental value shared by all the generations of the founding family that have led the company throughout the decades.

Today more than ever being an international brand requires the utmost commitment toward sustainable practices and ethical choices, efficiency and respect. As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, FOPE strives to constantly improve its internal procedures and aims to create well-made, beautiful jewellery that lasts through time.
Did you know that 50% of the gold used in FOPE Jewellery is recycled? They make sure all scraps left over from production are recycled and used to avoid unnecessary depletion of mines. FOPE have planted over 1000 trees across Kenya alongside Treedom. These trees absorb C02, emit oxygen, promote biodiversity and counteract soil erosion. FOPE makes sure that rural communities are involved in these projects. 

FOPE's extension on their headquarters in Vicenza has solar panels on the roof which provides enough electricity to power 6 houses and all water is filtered and re-used across their sites.