Personalise Your Promise: Engraving for Your Special Rings

Personalise Your Promise: Engraving for Your Special Rings

When it comes to expressing love and affection, few gestures are as timeless and significant as presenting a ring.

Whether it’s an engagement ring, a wedding band, or a simple token of appreciation, rings have a long history as symbols of commitment, connection and enduring promise. However, there is a gesture that can elevate the sentimental value of your ring even further, and that is through the art of engraving.

Engraving is a centuries-old tradition that involves etching a personalised message or design onto a flat (usually metal) surface. This delicate and precise craftsmanship can add a deeper meaning to an already special piece of jewellery - especially a ring.


Why Should You Consider Adding Engraving to Your Ring?

Engraving allows you to infuse your ring with a personal touch - it’s one of the most meaningful things you could ever do. Not only a sentimental gesture, an engraving adds a priceless significance to your ring that you simply will not find anywhere else. 

Rings habitually symbolise important milestones - something that you want to remember. A secret inscription of a significant date or special initials side by side is the ultimate romantic touch, not to mention adding a little extra sentimental value to your wearable keepsake. Adding a custom addition makes the ring uniquely yours; personalised engravings are a  beautiful way to showcase your love story or commemorate a special moment.

When Should You Engrave Your Ring?

If you know you’d like your engagement ring or wedding rings engraved, it’s a good idea to highlight this during your search for the perfect ring. The size and metal you choose for your ring play a huge part in its eligibility to be engraved - including what there is space to engrave on the piece! Therefore, it’s useful to carefully consider your selection ahead of time if you plan to have an engraving.

However, if you do decide on engraving after your engagement (or after the wedding!), you can, of course, do that too. Our professionals will be able to advise you on how much space you’ll have available for engraving and how long you should be prepared to part with your new treasure.


What About Resizing with an Engraving?

If you or your other half may need to have your ring resized, our recommendation is to have engraving done after this process has been carried out. Unfortunately, resizing could interfere with an existing inscription. With this in mind, it’s best to choose something short and meaningful for your engraving - a meaningful date or special initials are perfect!


How is my Ring Engraved?

The style of engraving used depends on what material your ring is made of. The traditional method of engraving was by hand. Hand engraving is still carried out today by highly skilled and specialised artisans.

Machine and laser engravings are increasingly common in the modern world. They provided efficient methods for simpler engravings and can be used on a wide range of metals and materials.

A Gift from Us to You

This September, Lunn’s the Jewellers are offering you the chance to avail of free engraving when you purchase a ring with us. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a wedding band or a spontaneous gift, your ring can be engraved with the initials or date of your choice - completely free of charge!

We understand that you may wish to secure that all important ‘Yes!’ before having engraving carried out on your ring, so you will have the opportunity to return to store and avail of this offer, after you have proposed or gifted the ring. Your sales professional will advise you on the process, from characters available to font style and final date to redeem your offer.

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