A Spotlight on Aquamarine

A Spotlight on Aquamarine

Marquise Aquamarine Diamond Shoulder Ring

March's birthstone is the beautiful aquamarine, renowned for its blue-green hues found in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to its cherished colour, this gemstone holds many special qualities which make it a popular choice for engagement rings and jewellery alike.

Aquamarine Pear Diamond Shoulders


The name aquamarine, which can be translated to water of the sea, was given to the gemstone by ancient mariners who claimed it could calm waves and keep sailors safe at shore. Its soothing effect on the sea is said to also bring peace and happiness to relationships, with a long reputation as the gemstone of choice for engagement rings and wedding gifts, in particular, the 19th wedding anniversary. Perhaps the most famous example of an aquamarine gift, was in 1936 when Brazilian President Getúlio Vargas gave an astounding 1,298ct aquamarine gemstone to US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, when she and President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Brazil. The Brazilian President also gifted Queen Elizabeth a breathtaking tiara adorned in aquamarines for her coronation in 1953. 

Aquamarine Three Stone Diamond Shoulder Ring


Unlike its cousin emerald, and other gemstones in the beryl family, aquamarine has less natural inclusions and is praised for its exceptional clarity and crystal-like transparency. This provides a beautiful level of depth, making each and every facet sparkle. It also draws out the colour of the gemstone, with different shades of blue and green jumping out at once. Rated 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, aquamarine is a fairly durable gemstone which, looked after, will last for years to come. 
To celebrate the month of the aquamarine, we have introduced a collection of beautiful aquamarine rings and jewellery, complemented with white diamond accents.