The Lunn's Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome to the Lunn's Gift Guide, where the art of gifting meets unparalleled elegance.

Discover extraordinary treasures in our Christmas Gift Guide, carefully curated to add an extra sprinkle of sparkle and sophistication to the season's spirit of joy. From prestigious jewellery and watch brands to showstopping pieces that capture the essence of celebration, explore the perfect expressions of love and luxury for a truly enchanting festive experience.

Whoever you are gifting this season and whatever the reason, for a magical gift - it must be Lunn's.


Whether you choose a gift for yourself or for others, find endless inspiration at Lunn's Jewellers. Our selection of luxury gifts is sure to put a sparkle in their eye. Whether you choose a classic timepiece, a dazzling diamond or a personalised accessory...

When it comes to gifting… It must be Lunn’s.

Coloured Stones

Wrap up the magic of Christmas with vibrant coloured stones that capture the essence of celebration. Choose an emerald, sapphire or ruby from our traditional selection, or discover our unique pieces featuring one-of-a-kind coloured gemstones.

Love Diamonds

Our radiant Love Diamonds collection, features exquisite brilliant-cut solitaire diamonds. Embrace the beauty of simplicity with these stunning diamonds, crafted to capture hearts and create enduring memories of special moments.


Unveil the enchantment of Flumina this Christmas - a charming collection where design meets the purity of water and the grace of rivers. Adorned with Mother of Pearl and finished with diamonds, Flumina represents an appreciation of nature's splendour.

Christmas Proposals

This Christmas, let the Art of Gifting become a symbol of everlasting love. Find your perfect Christmas Proposal ring in our stunning Portfolio of Fine Diamonds collection.

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